Invitation letter / Business invite

The invitation letter issued by the Chinese company, corporation and institution must include the following 8 elements:

1. Applicant’s personal information:
A. Name
B. Gender
C. Date of birth
D: Nationality
E. Passport number
F. Full name of the company which the applicant works for and the job title2. Purpose of the visit (what kind of business)
3. What city and province will the applicant visit?
4. Date of arrival and departure
5. The relationship between the Chinese company and the applicants company? Or relationship between the applicant and the inviter.
7. China inviter’s information
A. Full name of the company / unit
B. Name of the person
C. Job title in the company / unit
D. Detail company address, fax and phone number
E. Direct phone and/or cell phone number of the inviter (Must be working number)
F. Email address of the inviter
8. Actual signature of the inviter and official seal of the company (The company seal or chop contains the registered name of the company and the seal must be approved by the Public Security Bureau. Normally this chop is round and in red ink. ).

-The business invitation must be printed on their official letterhead, showing company address, phone and fax number.